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Sprays and Sheaves

Choosing a Funeral Sheaf
The funeral sheaves are similar to bouquets, but they are made to be laying flat and suitable for delivery to church services or house addresses. Our sheaf is wrapped in clear cellophane with paper in the back to support and tied with a matching colour ribbon and well presented when completed. The floral sheaves are elegant bouquets and they come with a card to leave your condolence message. If delivered to a home or workplace address, they can be displayed in a vase and when delivered to a funeral service they will be displayed in church for the service and family has the opportunity to take them home.

Sheaves as Alternatives to funeral wreaths
The sheaves can be delivered as alternatives to wreaths, they may even use the same flowers as in a wreath but are designed, displayed and presented differently. Some customers prefer the loosely arranged style of sheaves as they look more natural to the formal wreaths. While they are both suitable to send to funeral services, it comes down to preference when choosing between them.
We also do standing Sprays- Teardrop shape Tribute
They can be used as feature displays at the altar at church services or at venues where a memorial service is being held. We provide the stands for these and our courier will arrange for setup with funeral directors on the day.