FAQ Services

Delivery fee is depending from the delivery distance from our shop. Write down the postcode on the checkout process and it will calculate it for you. Urgent delivery might cost extra but for that contact our store . Bridal delivery is also separate and you will get the price when you are having your bridal consultation and quote.

Yes. We have that option available during our business hours, but keep in mind that not all stock that is on website is always in store. Our substitution policy may apply.

Belfield Blooms online store is open 24/7 you are welcome to purchase anytime.

Our shop is currently open
Monday – Friday 9AM -5PM
Saturday 9 AM- 2PM

and by Appointment on Sundays.

For the same address there is only one delivery fee if its different address then place another order. Applies even then when the other adress is next door.

Yes, we can do that for you if its requested in special instructions form and we can send photo on your mobile.

If the recipient is not at their home when a delivery is attempted, we will do the following:

Depends on weather conditions , we will leave it on the recipient’s front door. Or if weather is bad or its unsafe to leave flowers there then we try to find a neighbor to accept the gift. We try up to 5 neighbors (one on each side of the recipient and the 3 across the street) and if we find a neighbor who is willing to accept the gift, we will leave a tag on the front door of the recipient indicating where the delivery was left and what time we were there. If we are unable to find a neighbor and the weather is not appropriate for leaving flowers outside, we will leave a note on the door of the recipient’s home asking them to call us and schedule an appropriate delivery day. We then bring the arrangement back to flower shop and will refresh the flowers as needed (or even remake) for the new delivery date as requested by the recipient. We will contact the sender as extra charges might apply.

Belfield Blooms always tries to match the same flowers, style and colours. In case some flowers are unavailable we substitute with matching flowers and value to complete the order. If there is more than 2 different flower variety out of season then we will contact the customer to find a solution.

As you receive your cut flowers: remove protective wrapping – find a clean vase -fill with clean room temperature water – add flower food provided on wrapping- mix it- cut back the stems approx 1-2 cm with sharp knife or secateurs – place the vase away from direct sunlight and heaters- Enjoy – change water every 2 days and also cut the stems- Admire

If your flowers arrive in container with floral foam – place them away from direct sunlight or heaters – add water if needed inside the plastic edge – Enjoy and Admire

If you need any more information you can always call us or email. Contact here!