One of the most significant moments in life is when loved ones come together to celebrate someone who has passed.
Sympathy flowers are a powerful way to show love and support during such a vulnerable time. By expressing our sympathies we may help ease their pain and reminding them that the burden of grief can be shared.

Flower meanings at funerals:

– Lily’s represent innocence, peace and rebirth
– White roses represent purity and spirituality
– Red roses represent grief and love
– Pink carnations represent love and remembrance
– White carnations represent purity.
These are our options that you can order for your loved ones funeral

Box arrangements

A funeral flower basket or box is an easy way to ensure that flowers can be easily transported and moved around. The basket and the posy (a round, dome-shaped design) are popular choices from younger children or distant relatives.

belfield blooms
Belfield Blooms


While the traditional wreath design is circular, it symbolizes eternal love and devotion, they can also be created in unique shapes to convey a more personal message.

Hearts & Crosses

Heart-shaped wreaths are often quite personal, chosen as tributes from close friends and relatives. Crosses denote peace and serenity and are also quite personal. They can also have a custom message attached.

belfield blooms
Belfield Blooms

Casket Sprays

 These are often large, diamond-shaped arrangements placed directly on top of a coffin. These are typically chosen either by the person arranging the funeral or the immediate family.